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In the legal parlance it’s called: Encroachment, folks. It’s where you eschew having ALTA land surveys done on your land purchase only to find out the water well you dug was on your neighbors property. It’s not a funny situation when that happens; it’s also very costly. ALTA is short for American Land Title Association. They have high standards you must meet before they will issue a “title policy.” This will be a comforting thought when you use Utah ALTA surveys to locate and mark your property lines.

It’s in the book of common sense, people. When buying raw land or large acreage you need to know where your property lines are located. Two serious reasons come to mind:
** you don’t want anyone building on your property.
** You don’t want to build on some other person’s property.
Ergo, always use ALTA land surveys.American Land Title Surveys (ALTA) are performed on both commercial and residential properties and are always required by lenders and title insurance companies. The reasoning is to avoid any possible legal ramifications that could pop-up down-the-road. If a buyer or seller has ALTA land surveys performed, the report will show the date the survey was completed, all of the boundary lines, and locations of the main building including improvements plus ancillary structures as well.How important is the accuracy of measurements and calculations in Utah ALTA surveys?
Well it really depends on what you’re surveying and for what purpose. If you recall when the Lewis and Clark expedition, left Missouri all they had was a map to find their way out west. If they were 45 feet or a half mile off target, it didn’t matter. The mountains and rivers were what they used as survey markers.Realistically boundary surveys that are to be marked on property other than a flat land parcel, accuracy that is off an inch or more is not uncommon in topographical surveys. But today your Utah ALTA surveys can be “nailed” to within a fraction of an inch. The key to remember is never build a house close to a boundary line.


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