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 Five reasons to choose an ALTA survey

Most mortgage companies require title insurance when they offer a loan to a purchaser of property, and for good reason. Title defects occur every day. From a simple fence encroachment, to a person selling real estate they do not actually own, real estate transactions are ripe for the possibility of error and even fraud.


What is a survey?


To the untrained eye, a survey looks like a map. Often created on a piece of paper at least 24 x 36 inches, the survey will include a to scale outline of the property and will note any easements, rights of way, and other information of record. A legend, often found in one corner of the survey, will identify all recorded instruments impacting the subject property.


What is an ALTA survey?


North Dakota ALTA surveys include the information found in a regular survey, and are printed on the same, large scale paper. ALTA stands for the American Land Title Association, which governs the standards for the surveys that bear their name. The standards include a stringent code of ethics, as well as a list of information required. These surveys not only include the public records information documented in a regular survey, but also have information about monuments placed, existing rights of way, access and any potential encroachments.
Why order an ALTA Survey?
An ALTA provides an added degree of protection for the real estate buyer since it includes items found by the survey and physical inspection of the property as well as any information found in the public records. In North Dakota ALTA surveys are a good idea, as the properties bought and sold are often large. The buyer may not have had a chance to inspect each property line for encroachment.

How to order ALTA surveys ?
The client, often the buyer or his mortgage company, will complete a formal request for a survey and submit it to a surveyor. The order should specify that an ALTA is needed in the notice to proceed. The client is responsible for obtaining a right of entry for the surveyor to enter the property.


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