Just who and what are land surveyors?

What are land surveyors?


If you have ever built your own house or known someone who has, chances are you have heard the term land surveyor before. The job of Land surveying has been around for thousands of years

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because land surveyors are needed for almost every type of construction project. Surveyors are also used in the fields of communication, transportation, and even in the government! But what exactly do land surveyors do?


Land surveyors are individuals who work along with various other professionals such as architects and engineers to create detailed maps or boundary land surveys of the earth’s surface. The land surveyors create these surveys for businesses or individuals to set boundaries on land or to know the exact topographical layout for building purposes. Many surveyors work in the field using tools like a GPS or 3D laser scanners to get as down to detail on the surface as they can. Any dips or rises in the ground must be corrected before a building can be erected, and land surveyors are essential for that process, since they are the ones that know best when the land must be adjusted. Many surveyors like math, and for good reason! Their field utilizes geometry, trigonometry, physics (which is mostly math!), and much more to create the detailed maps that they do.


For Land surveying as opposed to building surveying, the boundary land surveys are used for finding the boundaries of land between individuals or businesses. Many land surveyors also work in parks to help find the best ways and places to erect fences and boundaries for trails and looking areas. The surveyor must be skilled in his work, whatever specific job that may be. If mistakes are made in boundaries of peoples land, discrepancies on building rights and other legal issues are bound to follow. Often times, the surveyor must try to work with oddly shaped land with even more oddly shaped boundary lines, but a skilled land surveyor will always find a way!

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