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Call (435) 623-0897 to Our Headquarters Office and we will take it from there.   An ALTA survey In Idaho… You came to the right place.

Our ALTA Title Survey services extend into the greater areas of Idaho.  We cover the following areas:


Idaho Falls


Twin Falls


Call our office today and get your next ALTA survey in Idaho from a firm who has been serving since 1975.

Additional ALTA Related Information

Land Title Surveys, Commonly Known As ALTA Surveys

ALTA land surveys are part of the process for collecting the specific data that is needed for the purposes of titling, registration and insurance. ALTA is an acronym, standing for the American Land Title Association, the third-party association that is responsible for setting the parameters of said survey. ALTA surveys in Idaho are part and parcel to the buying or selling of land that is intended for commercial use.

ALTA surveys in Idaho are, for the most part, limited to land that is being sold for commercial purposes. This is due to to the complex nature of ALTA land surveys. The American Land Title Association sets rigid parameters around all aspects of land and the potential developments on said land. It is costly to have one of these surveys done and requires the hiring of a certified professional who is qualified to obtain the data needed for the survey. It is for this reason that these surveys only tend to occur in commercial real estate deals.

The basic idea behind ALTA land surveys is to provide a comprehensive, uniform set of surveying standards that can be used across the country as a means of surveying commercial property. These standards are set by the board of of the ALTA which includes members of the titling community, along with members of various financial and legal elements as well.

The way these surveying rules can impact land ownership and right of use make it important for anyone in the market for the buying or selling of large amounts of commercial real estate to understand. This complex set of standards and rules is designed to provide a uniform means of assessing large tracts of commercial property quickly and easily, regardless of region.

Before one can even begin the surveying process, one must already have a title committed to the property in question. What makes the ALTA land survey so different from other types of of surveying standards is that it seeks to work in fairness of all parties involved. This survey is only employed when a large amount of money is going to be changing hand and satisfaction of this survey helps to ensure that the needs of all parties involved in the buying and selling of a property are met.

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