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The Benefits of Conducting Arizona Surveys


Arizona ALTA surveys

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Arizona ALTA surveys are very important when buying a piece of commercial real estate in Arizona. The American Land Title Association has established standards regarding land surveys that protect buyers, sellers and title insurance companies. Detailed ALTA surveys show more than a standard land survey can. They are conducted on commercial lands when the legal benefits of doing so prevail. These detailed and complex surveys define and recognize individual lands and boundaries for each party’s interest.

If a purchaser of a commercial piece of property and a lender are concerned about the boundaries on that piece of property, it’s most likely that they’ll invest in having an ALTA survey done. Restrictions or encumbrances to the property could affect the plans of the buying company. ALTA surveys provide the buyer with details regarding flood zones that may affect the lands in question. Building in a flood zone could be costly for the company if they aren’t prepared for that expense. Evidence of the presence of cemeteries or indications of any use by other parties is a factor that ALTA surveys also document. Buying land and not understanding who else has property rights could be damaging to a company if they spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a piece of property and later discovered that they weren’t able to develop the property because of current restrictions.

While Arizona ¬†surveys can be quite expensive, the benefits far outweigh the cost of the survey when eight figure investments are involved. Accurate land title surveys of the property must be conducted to ensure that there is no easements on the property or possible encroachments that stretch across easements or boundary lines. Arizona ALTA surveys ensure that the investment property is clear of these types of challenges. If a problem does arise in the ALTA survey, the money spent for conducting the survey was an excellent investment. Millions of dollars can be saved by recognizing all of the legal rights of others regarding a piece of property that’s a possible investment.

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